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Shotgun and rifle insurance

A unique product for BASC and CPSA members providing physical insurance on your gun. Our product covers the gun whilst in use, at home and out of the home including in the vehicle (subject to Home Office rules).

Further info

For further information please call Newmoon on 01892 280323 / 0345 072 8535

To view the BASC Members Gun Insurance page please visit their website.

For further information on CPSA please visit their website .

To obtain a formal quote please call 01892 280323 or 0345 972 8539. You can now purchase gun insurance online as a members benefit (menbership of CPSA and BASC only)

If you would like general information and an indication of pricing regarding shooting insurance, please call us or visit where you can obtain an indication on the cost of gun insurance for a new for old basis of cover.

Newmoon's gun insurance is a membership benefit of CPSA and BASC. It is designed to cover the physical damage to your gun and equipment. If you are not a member of CPSA or BASC we will not insure you. We believe you should support one of these national Associations if you want to shoot -their membership includes your liability cover and legal expense cover. Newmoon strongly recommend that you join either BASC or CPSA to support the community of shooting in the UK.


Newmoon's gun insurance is on an all risks basis for specified shooting and sporting equipment including shotgun and rifle (physical damage) sights, binoculars, night vision etc. Our policy also has special rates and extensions for BASC and CPSA members.

Newmoon's policy allows you to select on a gun by gun basis the level of cover you require from (1) New for old (applies to all guns 5 years or less in age and optional over 5 years with a £0 policy excess) (2) Indemnity (second hand values - note an excess applies depending on the age of the gun) (3) Agreed values (applied to guns over 20 years of age with a £0 policy excess) and (4) Premises only cover (can be applied to any gun with a £0 policy excess).

For policies with renewal date on or before 31st October 2020

For policies issued on or after 1st November 2020

Got questions?

You can find the answer to many of the most asked questions on our FAQs page. We also offer general advice on how to look after your musical instruments.


If you still have questions, please call us on 01892 280323 / 0345 072 8535

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