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Instrument Repairer's Insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover designed to meet the needs of Instrument Repairers.


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Instrument Repairers' Insurance Features & Benefits

Our Instrument Repairers' insurance is designed around you and can be tailored to meet your needs. You can quote and buy online or our highly experienced team can help you arrange your Instrument Repairers' insurance by phone.

What we offer...

Our Harmonic Plus policy is designed to meet the needs of Instrument Repairers, In addition to all the cover and benefits of our Harmonic policy it includes the ability to cover Buildings, Employers Liability, Trustee Liability and more.

  • Cover for accidental damage, loss, and theft.
  • Cover can be at your premises, United Kingdom or worldwide depending on how you use each instrument.
  • Standard cover comes with £0 excess (£100 and £250 available) in the event of a claim.
  • Theft from an unattended vehicle included as standard.
  • Cover for single and multiple instruments all on one policy.
  • Our policy allows you to choose unique cover on an individual instrument basis
  • Harmonic will cover your instruments regardless if you are a paid musician or you are just playing for your own enjoyment at home.
  • Free cover for £750 worth of musical accessories (per claim limit of £750) and anything else you use to play your instrument that is valued between £10 and £350.
  • Courier costs are covered in the event of a claim up to £250.
  • Hire costs in the event of a claim up to £1000.
  • Cover is included for instruments (loan/approval) valued under £3,500 for up to 21 days that you become legally responsible for.
  • Depreciation after a covered repair if your instrument has reduced in value due to the damage.
  • Postage cover when you send an item off to be serviced (return cover should be covered by the repairer) subject to the territorial limits selected for that item.
  • Temporary loan cover for anyone using your instruments with your permission on items valued up to £25,000.
  • Public Liability cover including Music Teaching is available as an add-on to your policy up to £1, £2 or £3 million.
  • Buildings Insurance for band premises can be included.
  • Contents insurance covering band regalia and repairers workshop equipment
  • Trustees' and management liability protecting the directors and officers of the band.
  • If you have employees, temporary workers or volunteers we can extend cover to include £10 million Employers liability insurance.
  • Music Teaching Public Liability
  • Cover for Money up to £5000 including assault extension


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