General advice on Other Instruments

As you would expect from a specialist provider of music insurance, musical instrument insurance and Brass Band insurance, we can cover any musical instrument!

We do not wish to simply provide a list of instruments under this section but would confirm that Newmoon are able to provide you assistance with any musical instrument.

So if you are seeking Bagpipes insurance, Harpsichord insurance, Oboe insurance, Bassoon insurance or any musical instrument insurance please visit our website to obtain a quote or call Newmoon on 01892 506884.


We love to assist with the unusual instruments as well as the more standard instruments. We are as happy to provide bagpipe insurance as we are for Harp insurance or Brass Band insurance.

We are unable to offer any advice on maintenance of your instrument under this section but will be happy to discuss music insurance, musical instrument insurance or Brass Band insurance cover.

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