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Welcome to Collectables Insurance from Newmoon Insurance Services Ltd

The first product within our collectables range is Vinyl Records Insurance.

As a keen collector of vinyl records you will already be aware of the need to insure. But how do you protect them?  If a DJ please see FAQ below.

Overall, your choice is limited and most people self insure or add their records to their household policy, where perhaps there is a sizeable excess, general cover and no specialist knowledge or concept of the value of individual records. In the event of a loss you would then discuss the individual values but are they really protected by an insurer who understands the special nature of the risk or able to help in replacement of records etc? Could you, in the event of a loss, get help and the support you need to trace down and replace your collection?

At Newmoon, we specialise in music instrument insurance and related insurance. Whether it's an instrument, an orchestra or an event we seek to work with specialist insurers who understand the risk.

Working with collectors of vinyl records and talking to individuals and companies in the record collectable market, Newmoon and Hiscox have developed a product specific to your needs.

The product caters for:-

  1. Private Collectors
  2. Sales of records with income not exceeding £2,500 annually
  3. Collection normally based at your UK residences
  4. Insurance of the total collection value
  5. Individual records up to £1,000 (refer to Newmoon for items above £1,000) 

 Cover includes:-

  • All Risk insurance, loss and theft cover in UK
  • £500 search and find support - help from an industry specialist to track down those rare and hard to replace records
  • Excess £50
  • Specialist knowledge and partnership with the Vinyl record market

FAQ - I am a DJ and will take some of my collection out to regular clubs/ events. Can I get cover under this policy? This policy is not designed for DJ work. You should look at specialist policy. The policy is designed for collections at home.

Cover has been arranged in a pre priced proposal form with sum insured up to £100,000 (over £100,000 please call), with premium starting from just £75.00 including insurance premium tax (ipt).

To obtain a quote simply select and complete the proposal form here. You can download and send to Newmoon (scan/ post) or call Newmoon on 01892 506884 or 0845 072 8535, where one of our underwriters will be able to assist you. For full policy terms/ key facts or policy wording please click the links.